eZnet POS Features

We all want to feel special and that’s how customers should feel after they leave your business. How do you leave a customer with that kind of satisfaction? Focusing your attention on them and not the internal mechanics of your business.

Take a gander at eZnet POS’s features. Are you already thinking of the relief it would be? What it would be like to not have to be in a hundred places at once? We want to help condense your responsibilities and therefore simply your job.


Sales Report Generation

Easily access reporting on your orders which can be searched by date and by transaction. Keep tabs on the status and completion of your orders. Don’t forget any monthly needs with a section for inventory management and reminders.

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Employee Time Management

Keep your employees self- motivated and responsible with employee clock- in capability. Need to rearrange the shift schedule? You can do so with ease with the shift and time management tab.

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Customer Friendly Interface

Give your customers the liberty of ordering directly at their table. For payment, give them the option of splitting the bill for their table’s needs. The independence of commerce is put back in the hands of the customer. All you have to worry about is putting your products in their hands to enjoy.

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Menu Customization

Keep up with out of stock or seasonal products availability and changes on your menu by adding, editing, and removing items from your menu quickly and easily. Add custom images for each product you sell. If you feel like adding takeout or delivery to your offerings, not a problem.

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More design & setup features

  • Custom iPad and iPhone App eZnetOrder - An app that lets customers order from restaurants using eZnetPOS and allows the restaurants to provide valuable delivery services.

  • Custom restaurant table images - Add your own table images to represent what your location layout really looks like.

  • High-res product images - High resolution images to project actual products you sell.

  • Customizable customer receipts - Add your logo and contact information to your receipts.

  • Split order billing - Split orders between multiple customers.

  • Location setting for more then one tax table - Apply taxes differently from location to location.

  • Employee shift notifications - Notification for employee's when shift exchanges are made.

  • Cashier and kitchen receipt printing - Print orders from your register to the kitchen.

  • Product inventory reduction with sales - Real-time inventory reduction as sales are made.